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Crested Butte: Restaurant Guide

One thing that you may not know about Crested Butte is that it has the largest array of gourmet restaurants of any other town of its size anywhere in Colorado. Maybe it is the seasonal traffic that migrates to Crested Butte every winter and summer, maybe it is the local denizens who enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, whatever it is that has made this town’s restaurants so uniquely diverse, one thing is certain: there is something for all tastes in Crested Butte!

Ever since the area around Gunnison in Crested Butte was first settled, pioneers from all over the country brought with them not just their grit and determination but also their native dishes. As an old western cattle ranching hub, prime beef still reigns supreme here.

Restaurants in Crested Butte

To this day, you’ll see cattle grazing around Crested Butte, providing local chefs with some of the highest quality naturally raised beef in the country. Made to order in the classic Western open fire style or using modern technology to sear prime cut steak to perfection, this beef lovers’ paradise offers the cream of the crop in Colorado!

Yet beef is not all that makes the cuisine so amazing in Crested Butte. The Gunnison River is a great source for freshwater trout, salmon, and all varieties of fish and seafood in many of the local restaurants. Just like those who settled this area of Colorado, the locals are still living off of the land in a big way, taking full advantage of all that the region offers.

No western city can truly reflect the culture of the area without serving outstanding Mexican food. From low-budget Mexican food eateries to upscale Mexican restaurants, the savory influence of the Mexican culture that still lives on in Crested Butte is an important part of the eclectic menu of fine foods in the region.

Whether you are looking for a dine-in, upscale restaurant or you want to kick back and enjoy a simple burger and a beer; there is something for all tastes to enjoy in Crested Butte! Just look at some of what you will find here:

The Charm of the Old West

Many of the restaurants in Crested Butte have stood for more than a century, dating back to the mid to late 19th century and add to the charm of the city. Though the building facades are antiquated, the food continues to grow and expand to incorporate a wide palate of tastes for all who visit Gunnison.

Still, there is nothing like Southwestern barbecue to please the taste buds. Visit the brew pub or taste some of the unique mountain cuisine of Colorado for a complete sampling of Crested Butte.

Classic American Cuisine

By far, there are more classic American cuisine options in Crested Butte than any other food types. There are breakfast restaurants for the early risers, bakeries for the pastry lovers, bars for the social drinkers, and continental restaurants to sample American food from all over the U.S. Crested Butte offers nearly a dozen different American restaurants to sample.

International Cuisine

In the West, Mexican food is not considered international cuisine. It is just as much a part of American culture as anything else. Yet as different nationalities joined the mosaic of the western territories, the variety of international cuisine in Crested Butte changed as well to incorporate more exotic fare. You can try Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and even French cuisine to name some of the international cuisines available in Crested Butte.

Casual Dining

After spending the day swooshing down the slopes or paddling down the Gunnison River, sometimes you just want to grab a quick bite. Crested Butte offers dozens of options for casual diners including delis, typical fast food restaurants, and half a dozen local diners where you can grab a bite and a drink in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Everyday Treats

In addition to all of the dining options in Crested Butte, no dining mecca is complete without a great assortment of everyday treats. That includes locally brewed beer that reflects the innovative spirit of the region, candy stores, chocolatiers, diners, and coffee shops. Crested Butte has them all! Be sure to reserve a table during the busy winter and summer months before everything is booked up!