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Skiing Info and Local Weather

Crested Butte is known as “the last great Colorado ski town” for good reason. Since 2007, it has received national awards and recognition for being the best place for snow adventurers in the country. It is one of the locations where the X Games were first launched and today it plays host to countless annual skiing competitions and events including the Freeride World Tour and the International Free Skiers national championships.

Skiing in Crested Butte

Ranked in the top 25 by National Geographic magazine in its list of the best ski resort towns in the world, Crested Butte is a destination location for professional skiers and novices alike. It offers world-class ski condos for sale or rent as well as newly renovated resort lodging. The climate is ideal for great skiing, which is why Crested Butte was voted #1one in steeps, #8 in trees and #10 for best powder in 2008 by Skiing Magazine.

Crested Butte Weather

On average, Gunnison County gets about 50 inches of snowfall which typically stays on the ground from November all the way until April giving winter sports adventurers a long season of winter fun. The average temperatures in the area are cool to cold formost of the year, averaging below zero temperatures in the winter and with mild summers in the low 80’s. The climate is perfect for snowpack which gives the mountain its great “powder” for skiing.

Gunnison experiences some of the coldest winters in the U.S. every year and because it is located in the basin of the Rocky Mountains, the cold lingers there all winter long. While the snowfall in the valley towns is average, it is the surrounding towns of Almont, Mt. Crested Butte, and Crested Butte that lie in the shadows of mountain peaks that experience heavy snowfall in the winter.

Each year around the holidays, Gunnison County is inundated with seasonal travelers who keep the economy thriving in the area. Many come to stay for weeks or even months over the holidays by renting or buying ski condos for sale or lease all around Gunnison. There is no shortage of upscale lodging and accommodations and the friendly, down-home atmosphere is why Crested Butte is the “last great Colorado ski town!” Learn more by connecting with us today!