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Did you know that the Cattlemen’s Days Rodeois Colorado’s oldest continuous pro rodeo and the 4th oldest rodeo in the nation? This year marks the 122nd Cattlemen’s Days rodeo in Gunnison and if you have never been to it, put it on your list!! You can catch all of the action tonight and tomorrow night at the fairgrounds. There is also a carnival next door with great rides and fun games for all ages. We went last nightfor the Tough Enough to Wear Pink rodeo and it was a blast! Another fact that can’t be missed is that Cattlemen’s Days is the #1 Tough Enough to Wear Pink fundraiser in the country and a top ranked PRCA rodeo to boot! I have been going to this rodeo since I was a kid and it is one of my favorite and longest standing events that I look forward to every summer. If you go this weekend, plan to eat dinner at 5B’s BBQbooth behind the grandstands, I had the best pulled pork sandwich of my life last night!

This is me in 1991 at the Cattlemen’s Days Open Horse Show
Speaking of not my first rodeo, this is not my first run with a shift in the real estate market. I have been in the business since 2004 and selling since 2007 so I have seen a lot of ups and downs, lefts and rights. In today’s market, we have to retrain our thinking when it comes to contract negotiations because sellers aren’t totally in control anymore. In fact, there seems to be a bit of a standoff between buyers and sellers. Sellers are holding firm to their listing prices and buyers aren’t willing to make offers. So I had a couple ideas of ways to bridge the gap. Years ago, sellers would offer a commission bonus to buyer’s agents that bring a buyer, those didn’t really work because the buyer’s agent couldn’t “force” a buyer to buy something that would benefit the agent and not the buyer. One idea I wanted to mention is a seller concession to the buyer that would “buy down” their interest rate. Meaning, a seller could pay the lender a certain sum of money to bring the interest rate down to a level that makes the home more affordable to the buyer. This way, the seller doesn’t have to reduce their purchase price but the buyer can afford to make an offer. Seems like it could be a win-win with the right situation. Watch my video for all the details and several other options for both buyers and sellers to consider. As in any market, there are always opportunities! Having the right person in your corner (like me!) is a good place to start.

Have a great weekend!

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