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Guide to Selling Your Home in Gunnison County, CO

If you have property to sell in Gunnison County, chances are with a bit of effort and a dependable real estate agent, there is an eager buyer out there looking for a property just like yours. The process of selling your home depends on many different factors. Why are you selling your property? Are you looking to upgrade or are you moving away? What does selling your property means for your financial situation?

Many times when you try to go it alone when selling your property, you realize too late that there were things that you should have considered beforehand that you may have overlooked. The first step to avoiding those types of mistakes is to sit down and specify your goals, motivations, and purposes. Among the most important factors to consider is the timeframe for selling your home.


There are many reasons why you may be thinking about selling your home. If it is a financial downturn that is the cause, or you have to move for work, it is very likely that you need to sell quickly. Maybe your job needs you to relocate, you want to avoid going into foreclosure, or maybe you need more money to cover a large medical bill – whatever the reason, establishing the time frame for selling your home is priority number one.

A quick sale may not afford you the time you need to consider selling when the market is just right. However, an experienced real estate agent can help you to make the most out of your situation even when you need to sell your home within a short timeframe.

On the other hand, if you’re not in any great hurry, you have the advantage of taking your time to sell. The market is in constant flux. One month there may be no potential buyers and the next there could be dozens.

Figuring out the perfect time to sell is something that a professional with market expertise can help you to decide. Before you stick the for sale sign on the ground, here are some questions that you should ask yourself to make sure you’ll be coming out on top.

Do I really want to sell?

Perhaps a friend of yours has made a great real estate investment and is now living the good life on their returns. Now you are thinking about downsizing so that you can sell your home and reinvest that money into the rental property so that you too can live the high life. If that is the reason you are thinking about selling, you have only considered one side of the equation.

Owning and managing investment property is not something you should enter into lightly. Before you take a giant leap like that, look first. Do you have the patience, the finances, and the business savvy for owning investment property? Carefully weigh your reasons for selling before you jump in head first.

Am I prepared to sell now?

If you are certain that you want to sell your home, consider its condition. It is quite possible that you could make a pretty penny selling your home just the way it is, but if you invest in updating, renovating, or making repairs before you sell, you could push your asking price up significantly. Think about installing new windows, finally getting that roof fixed, refinishing your decks, or even something as minor as outdoor landscaping to update your home and add thousands of dollars to your asking price.

Is the market right for selling my home?

When you are considering selling your home, it is not a time to rely on hearsay to determine if the market is right. Usually, when you read financial papers or watch business shows on TV, you are just getting a broad idea of where the housing market is going. Only a seasoned and knowledgeable real estate agent has the up-to-date localized knowledge and expertise about what is actually happening in the market in terms of pricing, financing, and terms and conditions of competing properties.

How can I get the best price for my home?

Lean on the expert negotiating skills of a seasoned pro who can help you optimize your finances, guide you as to when the time is right to sell and can help you to navigate the daunting process of selling your home. With the aid of a qualified real estate agent, you will be better equipped to assess your financial situation, the housing market, and the goals that you have set forth to get the best price possible for your home! To learn more, connect with my team today.

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