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Gunnison History and Traditions!

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I just listed one of Gunnison’s most historic and iconic buildingsand it has brought back so many memories from my childhood! The Miller Furniture building has been a part of Gunnison since the early 1900’s but did you know that Miller Furniture started in Crested Butte in the 1890’s? It is one of Gunnison County’s longest family owned business in history! There have been variations of the business over the years but in the most recent few decades it has been a furniture store serving all of our furniture needs throughout Gunnison and Crested Butte. It will be the end of the family legacy but an incredible start for the future buyer. The opportunities are endless with what type of business could operate there. I am thinking a bowling alley and fun bar/restaurant would be really cool?! Keeping it a furniture store would be great too!

Gunnison has some amazing history and traditions. Check out this great video about Tough Enough to Wear Pink and the tradition of the Cattleman’s Day Rodeo. It was featured on the Cowboy Channel – RFD TV. I was watching it again last night and realized I am in it! Check out 1:51, I am riding the horse in the front! I worked at Harmel’s in 1998 and 1999 and we would bring the Wranglers down to ride in the Cattlemen’s Day Parade. Of course, that wasn’t my first time in the parade, I started riding my horses in the parade in 1991. Those pictures are locked in the archives though, just picture I decorated myself and my horse in a pink costume. The point of my story is that the traditions are alive and well in the Gunnison Valley.

One question that I get all the time is are all the people buying real estate paying cash? The rates are so high, so surely they are cash buyers? The answer is no! In fact, since the rates went up in May, we still have seen more residential property selling with financing than with cash. Watch this video for more info!
Third Quarter

Number Sold: 63
Total Dollar Volume: $35,956,734
Median Sales Price: $479,000
Average Sales Price: $570,741
Lowest Sale: $25,000 (9.9 Acre Mining Claim in Ohio City)
Highest Sale: $5,700,000 (900 Acre Ranch in Rural Gunnison)

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Third Quarter

Almont to Mt. Crested Butte

Number Sold: 95
Total Dollar Volume: $105,273,662
Median Sales Price: $781,000
Average Sales Price: $1,108,143
Lowest Sale: $20,000 (10 Acre Mining Claim in Tincup)
Highest Sale: $7,400,000 (Single Family Home in Aperture)

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The Leaves are Peaking This Weekend! Photo by @travelcrestedbutte
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