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Time to Fall Back!

Daylight savings starts this weekend! I am not ready for the early darkness but I am excited for winter and this is a step closer. Speaking of winter, we had a lovely snow storm yesterday and more on the way this weekend! CBMR has started their snowmaking as they are opening in 19 days!

The month of October was busy for real estate. I cover all of the details in my video at the top of the emailbut something that I want to point out is that there were 18 fewer sales in October this year compared to 2021, however, it is almost the exact same sales volume! What does that mean? You’ve got it, the average sales price continues to rise. But, but we are in a crashing market?! Sorry but we aren’t crashing around here! The average sales price from Almont – Mt. Crested Butte is $179,000 higher this year than last year!

I am excited to share that the Gunnison-Crested Butte Association of Realtors have started a Home Buyer Assistance Fund. Agents that participate in the program will donate $25-$200 per closing to the fund. We are thrilled to participate here at Signature Properties Ebner & Associates and our fellow rockstar agent, Alex Richland is the one advocating for the locals and putting the hard work into getting this off the ground. Here is more information for you:

How are we different?

Unlike the town or other government entities, we’re not focused on construction or purchasing deed restrictions. We aren’t trying to build up massive amounts of cash to be able to purchase or build housing units. We are focused on directly helping individual community members.

We don’t have to jump through a bunch of bureaucratic hoops to be able to take action. The funds from the HAP are disbursed to our community members on a rolling basis. The funds given also do not have to be used to purchase a deed restricted property, which opens the doors to more opportunities.

We can fundraise and receive donations from both individuals and local businesses, and 100% of the funds go directly back into the pockets of our community members.

Who can apply?

Anyone purchasing their primary residence in the region served by the Gunnison-Crested Butte Association of Realtors. Priority is given to first time home buyers.

How are funds raised?

The dedicated source of funding comes from local Realtors, who commit to donating a portion of their commission from each closing to the fund. Local brokerages/offices can make the same commitment. We are also able to host fundraisers and accept donations from businesses or individuals.

If you’re interested in making a donation, give me a call today!

Have a great weekend!

October 1st – November 4th

Almont to Mt. Crested Butte

Number Sold: 41
Total Dollar Volume: $50,223,982
Median Sales Price: $875,000
Average Sales Price: $1,224,975
Lowest Sale: $205,000 (.34 Acre Homesite in CB South)
Highest Sale: $4,350,000 (Single Family Home in Downtown Crested Butte)

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Under Contract – October 1st – November 4th
Almont to Mt. Crested Butte 

Number Pending: 14
Total Dollar Volume: $21,605,100
Median Listing Price: $987,500
Average Listing Price: $1,543,221
Lowest Price: $224,900 (GrandLodge Condotel)
Highest Price: $5,350,000 (Single Family Home on 71 Acres in Rural Crested Butte)

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October 1st – November 4th


Number Sold: 21
Total Dollar Volume: $13,110,250
Median Sales Price: $500,000
Average Sales Price: $624,297
Lowest Sale: $122,500 (39 Acres in Rural Gunnison)
Highest Sale: $2,600,000 (660 Acres in Rural Gunnison)

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Under Contract October 1st – November 4th

Number Under Contract: 31
Total Dollar Volume: $16,171,500
Median Listing Price: $584,000
Average Listing Price: $1,055,290
Lowest Price:$30,000 (9 Acre Mining Claim in Rural Gunnison)
Highest Price: $995,000 (90 Acre Ranch on Rural Gunnison)

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*Sales Data from CREN MLS and includes all types of properties, land, commercial and residential. Not all sales were not necessarily listed/sold by Signature Properties Ebner & Associates and are only intended to show local market trends in the area.*
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