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EP – 01 Jesse’s Signature Takes

Welcome to episode one of Jesse’s Signature Takes.

Today I just want to introduce myself and talk about me and where I came from and a little bit of my background. For those of you that know me, know a little bit about this, but for all of you out there that have never met me, this is my story. I actually have really deep roots in the Gunnison Valley. My grandmother graduated high school from Gunnison High School in 1945 and then my parents both went to Western and continue their lives from about the seventies on and I was born in the Gunnison hospital in 1980 so, I have lived here a long time and have a lot of deep roots. I grew up in Spring Creek Canyon, which in real estate talk is County Road 744, just about seven miles from Almont. And it was an amazing childhood because I got to ride my horses all over and my brother and I just built forts and had a lot of fun living the out outdoor lifestyle and we loved it and then in the winters we skied. I was on ski teams and raced a lot and then decided that I wanted to just be kind of a freeskier and not deal with the regiment of skiing on the T-bar all day.

So, I graduated high school in 1998 from Gunnison High School and I attended Colorado State University and I actually studied Equine Science. I was horse obsessed and thought that that was the life I was going to live. It turns out that I really needed to make some money and the horse industry can’t really do that where I was and so I decided to get a job at a real estate company and I started out at the group real estate in Fort Collins and if you’re not familiar with the group, you should definitely look it up. It’s an amazing company led by Larry Kendall and I started as a receptionist and really learned a lot about the basics of real estate, writing contracts, marketing and things like that and from there, I moved up into an assistant position where I was handling all the marketing and contracts for about 15 different realtors and I loved it. It was amazing but living in Fort Collins wasn’t necessarily lifestyle my husband and I wanted for ourselves and our future children at that time. So we decided to jump ship and move back to Crested Butte. So in 2007, we moved here and I started my real estate career and we’ve just been loving it ever since. Now, we have two amazing children. We have a six-year-old boy and a nine-year-old boy and we are loving every minute of raising them in Crested Butte, well, maybe not every minute, but a lot of minutes of raising them in Crested Butte has been wonderful. They’re both great skiers and, and we’re really enjoying that part of life here.

In 2016 I was faced with the opportunity to start my own company. It was actually my husband’s idea and his persuasion got me into the idea and we decided to start this incredible company called Signature Properties Ebner & Associates and I could not be happier. It is so fun we’re having a blast. Our company really focuses on culture and just having fun and providing the best value and service that we can to our clients. We have 12 agents that work here and every day is just so much fun. Something that is really cool about my background that I love so much is that my dad is a really well-known custom log home builder and growing up with my dad was incredible. I got to be on his job sites and see how homes are built, understand what goes into building a house, the construction, the different elements of in-floor heat and appliances and, and just everything that you need to know when you’re building a house and that gave me such a solid foundation for real estate that I didn’t know at the time as a kid but, now that I look back and can pull from that experience and that knowledge that he gave me, it really adds a lot of value to my business. I hope that I can add value to your life, not only in Crested Butte in general but in your real estate buying and selling. I absolutely love what I do, I love my job, I love helping people buy and sell real estate in Crested Butte and that’s about it. That is me in a nutshell. Have a good day.