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EP – 10 Jesse’s Signature Takes

Jesse: Awesome. Great. All right, Warren, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in Crested Butte? Warren: Maybe jumping off the deck into our snow pile at our house. Jesse: That was very crazy. We had so much snow you just jumped right off but you didn’t even fall very far, did you? How about you, James? What’s your craziest? James: I don’t know. Jesse: Going skiing… James: Sure. Jesse: Sure. James: Skiing the hardest run that’s this steep. My favorite restaurant is The Steep. Jesse: What’s your favorite food at The Steep? James: Corndogs. Jesse: Corndogs. Warren, what’s your favorite restaurant? Warren: Probably Lil’s. Jesse: What do you love to eat at Lil’s? Warren: Steak Hot Rocks. Jesse: Steak Hot Rocks are so delicious. All right, what’s your favorite park or playground in town? James: Pirate Park. Jesse: The new Pirate Park at the Center for the Arts is really great. How about you Warren? Warren: The Pirate Park. Jesse: The Pirate Park at the Center for the Arts. Warren: My favorite part of it is probably the big new slide and the swings. Jesse: It is very cool. I love the new park too. We love living in Crested Butte. Just say that. Children: We love living in Crested Butte.