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EP – 11 Jesse’s Signature Takes

Today I am going to go over the market stats from the month of November on Episode 11 of Jesse’s Signature Takes The first 13 days of the 2019/2020 ski season have been great so far! We have received 18 inches in the last 7 days with a total of 33” so far this season. Growing up in Crested Butte, I have witnessed only a few changes to the ski area that have really surprised me. 1. Seeing the old Gothic Building getting torn down (details on Gothic building)2. The conversion of the Twister Warming House (used to be a tiny A-frame with the best hot cocoa) into Uley’s Cabin 3. The route of the new Teocalli Lift. #3 is obviously the most recent and I have to say that I was so surprised and excited to see a new lift in a new area! I guess I wasn’t paying attention during the construction that they were changing the route of the lift. It is really cool and gives a new perspective on the mountain for sure. Just an FYI though, it is still the same speed and length of the old Teo but the chairs are a lot more comfortable. I also begrudgingly downloaded the Epic Mix app and to my surprise, it is awesome!! I am excited to see how many days I ski and have an easy way to keep track of my season. At each lift, you will pass under the Epix Mix sensors that log your journey every day. You don’t have to do anything but download the app and put in your pass information, then it just tracks you from there. You can also add your friends and family so you can keep track of their season. Real estate is still going strong even though we are behind 2017 and 2018 in total sales volume and number of sales, mostly due to increased listing prices and decreased inventory. However, listing prices are leveling out and a lot are dropping as we enter the winter season. We have seen record breaking sales in town but longer days on the market in some areas. The fall off season was busy with new contracts and we should have a great finish to the year. Look for my market update in a month and I will give a full recap of the year and forecast for the upcoming 2020 market.